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Self Portrait of Nana Buluku 2018.png

Mahari Chabwera

Self Portrait oF Nana Buluku Calling the Earth to Witness

oil, oil pastel, glass and acrylic tapestry painting 

6 x 6 ft.  


Calling The Earth Detail 2.jpg .JPG

Self Portrait of Nana Buluku as Isis, Calling The Earth to Witness 


When we are not in touch with our shadow energies, 

they express themselves pathologically. 

Just look to our sons, and our fathers, and our father’s fathers - 

they come from us, yet miam us, blame us, mis- name us, and attempt to control our bodies and our wombs. 

Our primordial gates. The divide between non-being and being. 


I am pathing backwards to go forward

toward the exaltation of my spirit. 

It is a catastrophic untruth that once generations of bodies are forced into subjugation they lose relation to their deep rooted morality, spirituality, or aesthetics. 

Epigenetics : nothing leaves the blood. 

The folklore is still in my blood. 

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