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Exhibiting artists : 

Adewale Alli 
Marie Amegah
Aliyah Bonnette
Hampton Boyer
Stephen-Bernard D. Callender 
Mahari Chabwera
Aziza Gibson-Hunter 
Asa Jackson
Jabari Jefferson
Dathan Kane
Ebony Marshman
Ọmọlará Williams McCallister 
Austin Miles 
Taj Poscé
Angelique Scott
Timothy Short
Peat Szilagyi 
Victoria Walton
Kyra Watson  &
Mark Anthony Wilson Jr.



Salt Eaters is an annual, regional survey of contemporary art. The exhibition and dinner serve as a fundraiser to support Salt Eaters, the fellowship, which in 2024 will be sponsored by Latoya M. Hobbs. 

Salt is an unrestricted grant founded by artist, womanist, and curator Mahari Chabwera in 2020 to support Black women artists through critical transitions in their careers. The project takes its name from The Salt Eaters, Toni Cade Bambara's first novel set in a southern town of Black faith healers. 

Spaceship Sol-Omon.JPG

Salt Eaters 2023 featured artwork from 20 artists, an all-white attire Artists' Night Dinner with music by John Tyler. And an indigo-attire opening reception with sounds by Spaceship Sol-Omon, composed of artists Bashi, Emperor King Bishop and Jamal (pictured left to right)

Bobbi .JPG
NomuNomu_SaltEaters-43 copy.jpg
Woman and Aliyah's Piece.JPG
Wale Group.JPG

Images by Vivian Doering, Kerin Wiley and Fi Alli

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