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Anyanwu Ayida Wedo & The(ir) Seed.JPG

Anyanwu, Ayida-Wedo & the(ir) Seed 

Mixed Media Bead Weaving 

35 x 24 inches 


Anyanwu detail 2.JPG
Anyanwu detail 3.JPG


Anyanwu, Ayida-Wedo & the(ir) Seed 

1st in the Wall Hangings as Medicine Bags series 

Generally, a serpent encircling a sphere references union in the inner and outer worlds. This particular solar golden disk is on fire. It represents Anyanwu; shapeshifter and sun-woman in Octavia Butler’s Wild Seed. The rainbow serpent around Anyanwu is Ayida-Wedo; a Haitian archetype of divine feminine energy. Together they represent “continuity and strength, integration and wholeness" (Thalia Took). Strung cowrie shells and magnolia seed pods indicate a message of transformation, new beginnings and inner fortitude and abundance. 

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