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Ancient Astral Fire and the Ocean of Being, a Portrait of Bobbi Rush .JPG

Ancient Astral Fire and the Ocean of Being; a Portrait of Bobbi Rush 

Oil and cowrie tapestry painting 

56 x 100 inches


Astral Fire detail.JPG

Ancient Astral Fire and the Ocean of Being; a portrait of Bobbi Rush 


This tapestry painting illustrates a woman coming home to herself. Cross-culturally fire is symbolic of pure, catalytic energy. Our descent from the realm of spirit into the physical plane is made by way of fire. This process is presided over by benevolent guides that remind us, “we are each tiny droplets of divinity and hold within us all the creative abilities of the Divine.” (Caroline Shola Arewa, Opening To Spirit). Ancestral fire resurrects and revives while water purifies. The cycle of learning how to love and honor ourselves begins in the world of water. Here we are tasked with remembering our numinosity, the miraculous nature of our being. The Black serpent serves as a sentinel. He is witness, hanging apparatus, and protective device. 

Hand forged iron serpent by Patty Lyons via The Rolling Forge Studio 

Documentation by David Hunter Hale 

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