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Primordial Emanations, that which is brought forth follows the womb, a surrender to her luminous blackness emerged from a planned solo exhibition of new paintings and a ritual performance by Chabwera. As Chabwera’s work is continually tracing black and moving forward in a journey of healing, self-revelation, respect and reparations she, with 1708, decided to welcome the power of many with a project that demonstrates blackness as the luminously mutable gift it is. In this shared exhibition, an entrance portal opened to a selection of recent paintings and sculptures by artists who are co-conspiring towards collective well-being, self-actualization, and self-fertilization. Woven into the Contemporary Arts Network  web, 5 of the artists exhibiting are participants in the CAN's First Patron artist residency. Stationed in Newport News, VA, the CAN is a nexus of interconnectivity and development for a strong and harmonious arts community within the global art market.

Words by Park Myers 

Documentation by David Hunter Hale


Primordial Emanations acts as both a Blacktism: a portal black through the beginning of us, and an initiation into the awareness that our inner reality creates our outer experience. This exhibition simulates a reentrance into the elemental womb, we left the placenta too soon.

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