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STUDIOHOUSE is designed for self-directed artists.

Whatever we were doing that was creative and right, functioned to hold us from going over the edge.” - Audre Lorde

The mission of Studio House is to be a dynamic incubator for artists to live, work and grow. The residency provides studio space, housing, time to focus on personal research, and the opportunity to participate in intermittent professional gatherings. Studio check-ins occur periodically during scheduled visits with curators, contributors, and flourishing artists in the field. There are no required studio hours. An artist's time is their own.

Pictured : Angelique Scott April 2023

Photograph by Anne Kornfeld

Auz 7.jpg

Pictured : Austin Miles in her studio July 2022.

Photograph by Gabriel Amadi-Emina 

living room 2.jpg

Pictured : Living Room, January 2023

Photograph by Vincent Ononogbo 

ali's studio.jpg

Pictured : Aliana Grace Bailey's studio, January 2023

Photograph by Vincent Ononogbo 

STUDIOHOUSE honors an artist's individual intuition on how to best cultivate themselves. Each resident has the opportunity to focus on their personal creative maturation, as well as participate in intermittent house gatherings, and professional development opportunities. Seasonal programs take place in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Many are free and open to the public. 

STUDIOHOUSE is open throughout the year with a pause in programming November through January. A rotating group of 4 - 6 artists are in residence at any time. Length of stays range from 2 weeks, to 1, 3, or 6 months, with a maximum stay of a year. The project  is situated in a 4-story corner row home in East Baltimore, Maryland across from Lake Montebello, in Coldstream Homestead Montebello. All 4 floors are open to resident artists, with the bottom 2 serving primarily as studio space. 

STUDIOHOUSE emerged in December 2021 post a move to Baltimore by the project's founder, artist Mahari Chabwera. The House welcomed its first resident in February 2022, and since then has hosted close to a dozen residents, numerous visiting artists and curators, and several public programs.


STUDIOHOUSE is partially subsidized by Changrong Ji, a Maryland based Investor hacking code at the intersection of AI, blockchain, metaverse and social commerce ecosystems. The project's received support from The Contemporary Arts Network, and MSAC. 

Jabari 2022.jpg

Pictured : Jabari Jefferson in his studio July 2022.

Photograph by Gabriel Amadi-Emina 

Group 2.jpg

Pictured : From left to right, Austin Miles, Oatmeal, Angelique Scott, Jabari Jefferson, Mahari Chabwera,

Jasmine Sibley, Alliannah Hamilton and Lexi. July 2022. Photograph by Gabriel Amadi-Emina 

Residency fee: $920/month

This cost covers all utilities, housing and studio space.

alli's altar.jpg

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed in February, May, August and November. 

My studio, April 2023.jpg
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