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“Whatever we were doing that was creative and right,

functioned to hold us from going over the edge.” - Audre Lorde

The mission of STUDIOHOUSE is to be a dynamic incubator for artists to work and develop.

The project provides studio space, time to focus on personal research, and the opportunity to participate in intermittent professional gatherings. Studio check-ins occur periodically during scheduled visits with curators, contributors, and flourishing artists in the field. There are no required studio hours. An artist's time is their own.


Pictured : Jordan Carter, January 2023

Photograph by Vincent Ononogbo 

Pictured : Angelique Scott, April 2023

Photograph by Anne Kornfeld

STUDIOHOUSE is an artist-run residency project for artists committed to mutuality. Since its founding in 2021, the space has hosted 16 residents, numerous visiting artists and curators, and collaborated with several artists and art spaces in Baltimore. The mission of the project is to honor an artist's individual intuition on how to best cultivate themselves. What grew from everyone's individual experience was a reflection of what was seeded and nurtured during each participant's time in the space. The project was facilitated by Founding Artist Mahari Chabwera, and received support from The Peale's Grit Fund, Maryland State Arts Council's Creativity Grant, The Contemporary Arts Network, and Maryland based investor and owner of the building, Changrong Ji. 

ali's studio.jpg

Pictured : Aliana Grace Bailey's studio, January 2023

Photograph by Vincent Ononogbo 

Former Residents :

Adewale Alli 
Aliana Grace Bailey 
Rhea Beckett
Mahari Chabwera

Jordan Carter 
Shy Curtis 
Alliannah Hamilton
Jabari Jefferson

Dathan Kane 
Austin Miles 
Imani Shanklin Roberts
Angelique Scott
Jasmine Sibley 

Taylor Simone 
Timothy Short 


Pictured : Alliannah Hamilton, July 2022 

Photograph by Gabriel Amadi-Emina 

Auz 7.jpg

Pictured : Austin Miles, July 2022.

Photograph by Gabriel Amadi-Emina 

Pictured : Adewale Alli and Fi Alli, July 2023

Photograph by Gabriel Amadi-Emina 

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