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My work is self-righteous, speculative, seductive and fundamentally Black.

I am a womanist, artist, and facilitator working at the intersection of Black Women’s wisdom traditions and mysticism.

I live and work between Virginia and Maryland, developing my artistic and curatorial practices, along with STUDIOHOUSE, a residency that brings together a rotating group of artists to live, work and grow. I received my BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2017. I am the recipient of the 2023 MSAC Creativity Grant, The Visual Arts Center 2020 Emerging Artist Award, and the 2019 - 2020 VMFA Professional Fellowship. My work explores color, energy bodies, meditative processes like bead weaving and glass glueing, and self-mythologization. I think about my work as talismans, medicine bags, and protective gestures.

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Pictured : Mahari Chabwera bead weaving January 2023

Photograph by Vincent Ononogbo 

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