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Know the river has its destination. 
The elders say
we must let go of the shore, and
push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and
our heads above the water.

See who is in there with you and celebrate.
At this time in history, we are to take nothing
Least of all ourselves.

- Hopi Elders' Prophecy, June 8, 2000

ASHE, The Elders Say

2023 Collaborative Mural with Austin Miles 



Collaborative Mural with Barry O'keefe and Virginia Community Voices

In our trips around Southside with Mr. Mookie of Virginia Community Voices, we heard a lot about the history, beauty and assets of Southside, as well as its needs and obstacles to further growth. Mr. Mookie shared in particular the necessity of more abundant grocery stores, and access to fresh food. - Barry O'keefe 


NORFOLK STREET ART FESTIVAL - 2019 2401 Colonial Ave, Norfolk, VA

There is No Space Nor Time, Between Where the Sun Sets and I Rise

I am solely responsible for the telling of my story.
I must know who I am.
So as not to be lost in who my culture 
thinks I am.
So as not to be lost in who I've been, 

or in who I hope I will become.

Everything that’s exposed to light becomes light.

- Mahari Chabwera


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