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Sometimes I experiment with performance. 


My paintings and performance act as talismans, medicine bags, and guardian gestures. I think about these works as aspects of my own Spirit I’m moving to understand.


I research different cultural histories and spiritual practices for support. Some I return to most often are Black women’s literature and wisdom traditions, Yoruba spiritual doctrine, Egyptian and Australian mythology, and books about multi sensory living.


My mediums are oil paint, beads, glass, shells and my body. I source myself, or friends and family members to make works that embody different attributes of divine feminine energy. They're shapeshifters, experiencing various growth stages and adapting accordingly. 

Shadow Markings

December 2016, The Infinity Room

Oil paint on body on walls.

The entirety of the unconscious,

I am both light and shadow.

I am both body and space around body.

Where if anywhere is there separation?

Mahari as Allegory of Black, Woman, Painter, Being 

Gallery 305, Richmond Va

9.26.16 - 9.27.16

Mahari as Allegory is a 24 hour meditative endurance ritual open to the audience for the final hour. It is performed in order to conquer the metaphysical dilemma of being. 

"Being a woman, being colored and being alive",

as Ntozake Shange describe

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