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2017 Womanifesto 

How can the body no longer be compressed?


When the soul needs restoration, what’s to be done?

color & gender as compressions and distractions

as ill-considered shorthand for the dynamism and potential of self.

“Lord when shall we be done changing?” – Herman Melville

 “If we wanted to

people of Color could burn the world down

for what we have experienced

are experiencing.

but we don’t” – Nayyirah Waheed

that’s real

Black Women’s bodies as america’s chattel.

My (our) love is deeper than my (our) rage.

I am working from the archive of my (our) own body and experiences to create a conflated representation of my (our) potential with and without body. Through body. In and beyond my(our) physical.  Yet, I’m no longer concerned with the conversation being mostly consumed with the condition of women’s blackness. History, Culture, Identity, ra ra.  

What if there is not dual-consciousness? What if we don’t live bound by binaries? What if we have complete control over our minds, therein our consciousness? So we’re not defined by constraints socialized institutions predetermine. What if we stop herding ourselves.

What am I when I’m not black.

When I’m not a woman.

When I’m not a partner or a daughter.

When I don’t have a body

Our stories are told with our bodies. But at best, that’s where our stories begin. At worst that’s where they end.

I release my mental, physical and emotional bodies. And let Spirit guide me.

Making images as conduits to learn/experience the origin story of woman. (Woman as slang for humanity. Since we are all made as reflections of him (both woman and man)

We are the whole of her (or him)).

Painting reflections of her, the source, in these bodies.

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